There are presently no open calls for submissions.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high number of submissions and Submittable's fees for magazines, Waxwing will be capping submissions at 300/month. If you are unable to submit due to this reason, please come back and submit the next month. Thanks for your understanding. -The Editors

Waxwing is published triannually: in October, February, and June. We read submissions of poetry, short fiction, and literary essays September 1 to May 1; translations of poetry and literary prose are read year-round. Each issue features approximately fifteen poets, ten to twelve prose writers, and six to eight authors in translation.

Poets should send one to five poems, and prose writers one story, essay, novella, or novel chapter (or up to three short-short stories or micro-essays). If your submission contains multiple pieces, please put all of them in one document for submission. Cover letters and brief bios are recommended, but optional. Please use the online submission manager for all submissions. Other queries or correspondence should be directed to Co-editors Justin Bigos, Erin Stalcup, and Todd Kaneko at editors@waxwingmag.org.

Translators should follow the same guidelines. They should also include the translated work in its source language, along with any permissions needed to publish the work in both languages. 

We are also now accepting artwork for our issue covers. Please send 1-3 images.

Waxwing will respond to each submitted manuscript within four months. If you need to withdraw your piece, please withdraw through the submission manager. If you are withdrawing only part of your submission, please make a note in Submittable (rather than emailing the editors). If Waxwing publishes your writing, the editors reserve the right to republish it in future print anthologies and/or as promotional broadsides. Authors retain rights to their work—if the work is republished in a future collection or anthology, please indicate that it originally appeared in Waxwing. Waxwing is unable to offer monetary payment for work at this time. Thank you for your interest in and support of Waxwing.

GOOD BONES PRIZE 2017 (September 1 through September 28, 2017)

The Good Bones Prize is an annual prize meant to honor the importance of readership. It is named after Maggie Smith's poem "Good Bones," which appeared in Waxwing issue 9 (June 2016) and then quickly went "viral," reaching hundreds of thousands of readers via social media sharing, word of mouth and, of course, deep admiration for the poem. 

For the 2017 Good Bones Prize, vote for your favorite poem, story, essay, or work in translation that was published in Waxwing issues 10, 11, or 12. The winning work will be nominated for the Best of the Net 2017, and the winning author will receive 50 copies of a Waxwing broadside of their winning work. 

You have two options for voting:

1. Twitter: tweet the title and author, as well as a link to the chosen work, along with the hashtag #goodbonesprize2017. Make sure your tweet is public so we can record your vote and possibly retweet you.

2. Facebook: post a link to the chosen writing on your Facebook timeline, along with the hashtag #goodbonesprize2017. Make sure your post is public so we can record your vote and possibly share your post.

Your vote will only count once, but you can repost/retweet with the hashtag #goodbonesprize2017 as much as you want to boost the signal of your favorite writings. You may not vote for yourself.

Deadline to vote: September 28

Thanks for nominating your favorite writing from Waxwing.

Justin, Erin & Todd